Monday, 22 August 2016

A variety of the type of sketches I usually do. The first one I made from a a photo of a statue by the Swedish artist Carl Eldh. This particular statue is called "By the spring". For those of you who do not know this particular artist, I can really recommend a visit to his former gallery, now museum, in Stockholm: Carl Eldhs Ateljé. You have probably seen some of his works around the city, one of his more famous works is the statue of August Strindberg in Tegnérlunden, Stockholm.
There is a delicate touch to his statues, showing lots of emotions, especially the faces are stunning. I wanted to try to communicate the same level of emotions as he did in his statue.

The second sketch is made from a fashion Magazine that I tore out some pages from (yes, I do that). I wanted to practice drawing people in odd poses as well as fabric, so this girl with her loose blouse and leaning position was perfect for this exercise!

And finally, and old, dead tree. I found this tree when I was out on a bike ride through Upplands Väsby and had to make a quick sketch of it. I just loved how the light fell on the stem and followed the form around where the branches used to be. It was Beautiful.

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