Sunday, 7 August 2016


For a long time, I have wanted to start a blog to publish my works of art but, as so much in life, I put it off on a list of things to do ”later” in life. Then I decided I’d had enough with “later” and exchanged it with “now”. This now.
Therefore, welcome to the little corner of the internet where you can see some of the things that I have produced over the years.

What will you find here and which rules apply in the blog?

In this blog, you will find a selection of pictures of finished paintings, quick field sketches and ideas. I will also be writing of what inspires me and my experiences of new challenges, materials and techniques. You are more than welcome to send me comments with constructive criticism, suggestion and ideas of new things I might try. However, this is a friendly art blog. Any comments that contain any form of personal attacks, insults, racism or sexism will be deleted. Visitors that repeatedly should send such comments, will be blocked from the blog.

My styles

I can’t say that I have one single style for painting or drawing. I quote Elvis “the King” Presley on this matter; I paint/draw all styles. (Elvis once answered a question of which kind of music he likes to sing with “I sing all kinds!”) Usually I simply experience, trying different ways to see what works and what does not. Whenever I'm uncertain how to use a certain type of material or a specific technique, I usually look it up on the internet (youtube can be a great place for learning!) or one of the many books I have. Practice makes better J
I can, however, say that the materials that I choose most often are oil, acrylic and graphite, although other materials come into the mix depending on the mood that I’m in. A new favourite is actually water colours, or aquarelle as we call it in Sweden. What I like about water colour is that it, in comparison with oil and acrylic, have adjust to the paper, the water and the pigmentation of the colours. It’s the materials that are in control, I’m simply trying to guide it into a picture.
That’s it for my first post. I hope that you will enjoy my blog and what I post here!
Take care!

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